Harriet Grubb

Harriet joined New Zealand in Depth in 2015. Like Paul she first visited New Zealand in 1997, but unlike Paul her trip was a fast and furious 2 and a half week backpacking extravaganza. It wasn’t long enough as she got the wanderlust and kept returning! As well as creating your itineraries, Harriet’s involved with promotion and the social media side of the business.

Harriet has been awarded Gold New Zealand Specialist status by Tourism New Zealand for her in depth knowledge of the country.


More about Harriet

I enjoy taking the long route, having a bit of a meander and a good look around, watching the views, admiring the wildlife and maybe even stopping for a drink before getting to where I want to be. That is why, whilst I always dreamed of working in the travel industry, I come to it from a career in journalism.

After a stint of travelling and finishing my degree at Leeds University I trained as a multi-media journalist and have since worked in some of the country’s busiest newsrooms. In 2011, when various parts of the BBC relocated to Salford, my husband and I settled in Buxton. Now, with two small children in tow, I am at last combining my love of travel with journalism. Promoting New Zealand and extolling its beauty through blogs, newsletters, on social media and at trade shows is a lot fun!

New Zealand was my first stop when I started travelling and has always remained my favourite destination. It is the outdoor adventure capital of the world and, whilst bungee jumping is not my thing, the expanse of Fiordland, the majesty of Tongariro National Park and the sparkling waters of the Coromandel make it my perfect playground. I am enormously passionate about New Zealand and want to make sure everyone who visits has the best possible time.

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