What’s cool in Invercargill

Posted on Thursday, July 19th, 2018 in New Zealand Holiday Blog

New Zealand’s southernmost city has been hard to ignore these last few weeks.  The name Invercargill has been cropping up again and again and it’s not just because of the recent Oyster festival at Bluff.  A range of new day trips and activities, not to mention accommodation options, have been regularly crossing our desks.  It feels as if this grand and charming city has been yelling at us to give it some attention.  With that in mind here is a list of our favourite “Invers” options:

Transport World

Transport World


1 The Bill Richardson Transport World Museum

This is definitely not just a good rainy day option.  The world class vehicle collection includes retro Kombi’s, Henry Ford Letter cards, Motel T’s and vintage  pumps.  Even if you’re not a petrol head you can enjoy the growing wearable arts collection and themed loos, which are becoming as famous as the vehicles!


2. The Lodges at Transport World

Invercargill’s newest accommodation, The Lodges at Transport World are 6 light, airy and spacious apartments that are perfect for rest and relaxation.  Continental breakfasts are included in the price and evening meals can also be arranged.


Dig This – a Las Vegas inspired digger attraction

Dig This – a Las Vegas inspired digger attraction

3. Dig This

This new digger based theme park is yet another reason why Invercargill is a must-visit destination for motoring enthusiasts. It’s for anyone who’s ever wanted to operate heavy machinery, allowing guests to try out excavators, bulldozers and skid steers amongst other vehicles. The attraction is based on an extremely successful Las Vegas model and is due to open later in the year.


4. Tuatara Breeding at the Southland Museum

Southland Museum is a wonderful place for anyone wanting to find out more about the culture and heritage of Invercargill and its surrounding countryside but its biggest draw card is its Tuatarium.  Tuatara are extremely rare and ancient lizards that are believed to have pre-dated the dinosaurs.  They are endemic to New Zealand and the museum is home to an extremely successful breeding programme.  It cares for over 100 tuatara at all stages of development from new born babies to stately gentleman like Henry, who is over 110 years old.

A rare and beautiful mohua on Ulva Island

A rare and beautiful mohua on Ulva Island


5. Day tours to Ulva Island

If you’re fascinated by New Zeland’s rare and endemic birdlife, but are short on time, take a Stewart Island Flight from Invercargill to Ulva Island.  It’s predator free and its forests are a perfect haven for kaka, bellbirds and tui.  You may also see a South Island saddleback or mohua.


6. Wairaurahiri Jet Boat

OK, so we acknowledge this New Zealand In Depth favourite is outside of Invercargil, but it’s nearby and it is an incredible day trip.  The W Jet offers an exciting and absorbing experience that takes you into the wilderness of the Fiordland.  It includes guided nature walks and a kiwi style BBQ lunch.  Did we mention we offer the trip on a not-for-profit basis?  All proceeds goes back to John and Joyce at W Jet to help with their conservation efforts.


These are just a few activities in this exciting region.  If you’d like to talk about how we can help you fit as many of these options into one holiday then get in touch. You can find out more about the area by clicking here, by ringing us on +44 (0)1298 74040 or by emailing [email protected].


Our thanks to Venture Southland for the use of their image of Invercargill.